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· His M19 60 mm mortar had been designed to replace the M2 mortar of World War II and fired the same ammunition. Government agencies and their contractors. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY TECHNICAL MANUAL FIELD MAINTENANCE 60-MM MORTARS M2 AND M19 60-MM MORTAR MOUNT M5 60mm mortar pdf 60-MM MORTAR BASEPLATE M1; 81-MM MORTARS M1 AND M29; AND 81-MM MORTAR AND 60mm mortar pdf MOUNTS M4, M23A1 M23A2, AND M23A3 This copy 60mm mortar pdf is a reprint which includes current pages from Change 1. M224 60mm Mortars The 60mm mortar pdf M224 60mm mortar is a smooth 60mm mortar pdf bore, muzzle loaded, high angle of fire weapon (see diagram below). HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY JANUARY 19B-Dec. 60mm Mortar Tube Retention Bracket (2) 60mm Mortar Tube Retention Bracket (Campos Combat Clamp): This Aluminum and ABS Plastic Brackets that 60mm mortar pdf Hold the Mortar Bipod and pdf or Tube onto the frame.

60mm mortar pdf The M224 LWCMS (Lightweight Company Mortar System) replaced the older (WWII-era) 60 mm M2 Mortar and M19 Mortar and began fielding in the mid-1970s. The ballistic data, the. The 60-mm mortar, M224, can be fired in the conventional mode or handheld mode. The model was standardized as the Mortar, 60 mm M2. 85 m barrel) Muzzle velocity 76 to 250 m/s Nominal pressure 530 bar Fuze Compatible with all in-service fuzes Weapon Compatible with NATO smoothbore mortars Service temperature -46˚C to +63˚C. The M224A1 is twenty pdf one (21%) lighter in weight while at the same time maintaining the same range, rates of fire and barrel life as the existing M224 mortar weapon system. M2 60 mm mortar was developed from the heavier 81 mm M1 Mortar to provide a lighter-weight alternative pdf to company-level fire support. All parts drawings are full sized sized templates.

Reconnaissance and Position Selection 8-7. · 60mm mortar pdf The M721 60mm mortar illuminating cartridge is designed for use with the M224 lightweight company mortar system (LWCMS) in all light infantry battalions including Airborne, Air Assault and Ranger. . The cannon assembly is composed of the barrel, combination base cap, and firing mechanism.

*This publication supersedes ATTP 3-21. 60mm mortar pdf Terms in this set (32) Nomenclature for 60mm Mortar System. The complete round consists of a projectile body a point-detonating fuze (staked), a fin assembly with a 2 inch extension! 60mm mortar pdf Learn the nomenclature, weights and other statistics and information required to become an expert on the M224a1 60mm mortar system. 60mm mortar pdf 2, pdf dated 4 April. This publication is required for administration and operational 60mm mortar pdf purposes, as determined 16 September 1994. Select which mortar caliber 3. Rapid return fire is now linked to enemy fire direction finder Rafael SpotLite for rapid Counter Fire for suppression of any possible ambushes and well concealed sniper fire positions.

It can be fired from either a drop fire mode (conventional method) or trigger fire mode (conventional or hand-held 60mm mortar pdf method). The M224 60mm Lightweight mortar is a smooth bore, muzzle loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon. SKU CCC (12” ADJ) 60 mm Mortar Cover This 60MM Mortar Cover was designed to keep dust and debris from the assembled mortar system. mortars) 18 kg Min. Select which TFTs to order 5. 1/2 Mortars in Combat (cont) O60mm mortars in the offense, • Handheld and direct lay • Engaged infantry in the open and light vehicles 60mm mortar pdf • Obscuration smoke to screen movement • 60mm mortar pdf One M224 system destroyed, one damaged by enemy fire O60mm mortars in the defense, 24 Mar- • Engagement ranges 40 m Danger Zonein 60mm mortar pdf close combat safe hanDling thanks to im capabilities clear separation between lethal, D safety Zones < 40 m lethal. Maximum Range: 2. Responsibilities 8-4.

The M721 will provide visible light illuminating capability at the same effective range as the companion High Explosive (HE) Cartridges, 60mm mortar pdf M720/M720A1. This cartridge is fired in 60mm mortars M2 and M19 for use against personnel and light materiel, providing both fragmentation and blast effect. *This publication 60mm mortar pdf supersedes FM 3-22.

Fill out all required fields 2. International Tel:Fax:E-mail: 97 kg six-pack (incl. See more results. This allows infantrymen to confront the enemy while supporting the battle plan. It was sometimes called the company commander&39;s "hip pocket artillery" because the mortar section was always available for fire support. Marine rifle companies have a section with three 60mm 60mm mortar pdf mortars in the company weapons platoon. 61in) Fuze: M935 Point Detonating Fuze or M734 Multi-Option Fuze Usage: Light support weapon. Who invented the 60 mm mortar?

Nomenclature: 60MM Mortar Ordnance Family: Projectile DODIC: B634 Filler: Black Powder Pellet Filler weight: + 226. Click “Next” TFT JUSTIFICATION 1. Displacement 8-6.

Available in 60 mm and 81 mm calibres and optional fill. The mortar’s pre-fragmented payload can be tailored to meet specific user requirements to ensure an optimum lethal area against various 60mm mortar pdf target sets. Testing took place in the late 1930s, and the first order for 1,500 M2 mortars was placed in January 1940. Start studying M224 60mm Mortar. Employment Options 8-5.

. The 60mm mortar was a versatile weapon organic to the Marine rifle company. A complete and comprehensive training package is part of the 60 mm Long Range Mortar Product pdf System Denel Land Systems, a division of DENEL pdf (Pty) Ltd. What is the range of the 60 mm mortar? The mortar is a muzzle-loaded, smooth-bore. Support and Command Relationships 8-9. Three M224 mortars make up a mortar section, which is organic only to an infantry rifle company.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Normally employed by the weapons platoon of a U. Improved 60mm Internal Remotely Controlled 3,700 meter range Soltam Mortar is primarily used against anti tank teams & snipers. It is primarily an antipersonnel infantry weapon for use against machine-gun emplace­ ments, bunkers, tanks, armored vehicles, and landing craft. four increments of propellant charge, an Ignition pdf cartridge, and a percussion. mortar calibres are 60mm, 81mm and 120mm, but others, such as 82mm and 107mm are also in use.

It was ideal for for engaging targets in ravines. The M224 60mm mortar replaced the older (WWII era) M2 and M19, 60mm Mortars. 94 lbs) Dia: 60 mm (2. FM 23-91 v PREFACE This manual provides guidance for MOS 11C soldiers and their 60mm mortar pdf trainers on the employment of the 60-mm (M224 and M19) 60mm mortar pdf mortars, 60mm mortar pdf 81-mm (M252 and M29A1) mortars,.

The title of Section III, 60mm mortar pdf Chapter 7 changes to reflect its focus on only ground-mounted mortars. PO Box 7710, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa. Select mortar system nomenclature 4. The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, camapign data and keep track of site usage for the site&39;s analytics report. Light Mortars on the Battlefield 8-2.

Distribution authorized to U. The M224 60mm mortar was designed to fire all types of the. The Hirtenberger 60 mm mortar systems is equiped with the R08 mortar sight for indirect aiming process in azimuth and elevation. mortars (paragraphs 7-13 and 7-22, pages 7-11 and 7-23, respectively). Types of Engagement 8-8.

· – 60mm mortar – low logistical footprint and truly man-portable, but short 60mm mortar pdf range (~3,800 metres) and limited effect, with minimum penetration of fortifications or buildings – 81/ 82mm mortars – man-portable, efficient, with the highest 60mm mortar pdf ratio of number of kills per tonne of ammunition carried, but short-range (~5,600 metres) and limited. Put in TFT Ordering Justification 2. The 60mm Mortar Anti-Personnel Anti-Material (MAPAM) ammunitions offers improved lethality (up to 100%) over conventional mortar ammunitions. What is a 60mm mortar? The 60-mm mortar, M224, reacts quickly to support infantrymen by engaging the target first. Max Rate of fire: 30 rpm.

The mortar is the infantry&39;s own artillery, ready to go at a moment&39;s notice at the order of the unit commander. 60mm mortar pdf 5 lbs) Item weight: 1. 60mm mortar pdf For a quick and easy setting of the elevation the 60mm mortar pdf mortar, the R08 sight is featuring a interchangeable metal plate which is carring the differnt ballistic data of the ammunition. The mortar can be fired accurately with or without a fire direction.

Cutaway view of the 60 mm MAPAM. The 60-mm 60mm mortar pdf mortar M2 and M19 and the 81-mm mortar M1 and M29 are equipped with mounts which consist of a bipod and a yoke provided with screw-type elevating 60mm mortar pdf and traversing mechanisms to lay the mortar and a spring-type shock absorber to absorb the shock of recoil in firing. The War Department eventually 60mm mortar pdf settled on a 60 mm design from Edgar Brandt, a French ordnance engineer, and purchased a license to build the weapon.

Plans to build a 1:1 scale replica of the 60mm mortar pdf 60 mm Mortar. Asia-Pacific countries hold 40% of the world’s towed/hand-held mortars, while Europe has 16% and the Middle-East has 17%. A US Marine holds a 60 mm mortar rounds from M-224 Mortar Systems Aug at Camp Lejeune, NC. · The Legacy Mortar Weapon System M224 and newer 60mm M224A1 Lightweight Mortar System are the two 60 mm mortar classifications.

The plans set includes 10 pages of full sized plans in pdf format on A1 (1 sheet), A2 (5 sheets), A3 (4 sheets). 62mm MG Enhanced survivability: • Modular, add-on, hybrid armor protection against various threats • Insulated storage racks for ammunition • Rear turret stowage rack (Slat protection against RPG). There are over 85,000 towed/hand-held and self-propelled (SP) mortars in use worldwide. infantry company, the M2 is of the usual mortar pattern of the day. The Pentagon banned the 60mm mortar round Ma after and explosion killed 7 Marines during training. These weapons had an effective range of only 2,000 m (2,187 yd).

DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT C. Click “Review Order Summary” ORDER. the 60 mm Long Range 60mm mortar pdf Mortar Product System. Ranges of the 60 mm Mortar Weapon System: Elevation – Minimum 800 mils, Maximum 1511 60mm mortar pdf mils. Click “Next” SHIPPING INFORMATION 1. 60-mm mortar M-mm mortar base plate M1.

Put in quantity and click “Add TFTs” 6. Providing high angle fire, the 60mm mortar was an important part of the company&39;s firepower in both offensive and defensive combat. The M2 attempted to bridge the gap between the 81 mm mortar and the hand grenade. 36 inch) mortar was developed to give the infantry a lightweight, easily man-carried mortar for indirect fire support of small units (platoon/company). DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Range – Minimum 70 meters, Maximum 3490 meters Ammunition for the M224A1 60 mm Weapon System. Select “Mortar” 2. Rejected by the Army, the M19 pdf was favored by the Marines — even though 10 60mm mortar pdf pounds. Supersedes copy dated 18 December 1987. Support During Offensive Operations. CHAPTER 8 - SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE 60-mm MORTAR SECTION 8-1. The Garrett 60 mm Shoulder Mortar Mk 1 Mod 0, is a smoothbore, muzzle-loading, hand- fired, shoulder weapon, designed to fire the 60- mm mortar shell, HE, M49A1 w/PDF M52.

A great project with easy to follow template plans to make a 60mm Mortar Inert Replica. Organizations 8-3.

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